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Since 2015, Uwe Schindler, aka BassoManiac, is already on the road as a solo bassist. He presents unique instrumental enjoyment nationally and internationally.
On stage, big or small, mostly improvised and without fixed song structures, he has now captured these. What enchants the audience in front of the stage also works in the living room on the couch. Should you be able to sit quietly.

The sound casts a magical spell, as you are on the road in various genres like Progressive Rock / Stoner Rock or Pagan Metal.
But it is also quieter. It depends on the event. It's time to walk and give Uwe 3 hours alone on the stage and everyone thrilled.
Who does not listen in here, does not know how beautiful music can be.
He was influenced, among other things. by Jimi Hendrix, Doors and Black Sabbath. Music is played on 4String, 5String, 6String and 12String basses.



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