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The concept to success

Success is not a coincidence, but hard work. And it is always based on a good concept. Therefore, we first of all develop a good strategy with you that fits your needs.


Advice on collecting societies like GVL, GEMA or abroad // Song promotion at broadcast and television stations // Merchandising for our artists // Download options without obligatory registration // Networking with up to 300 online shops like Itunes, Deezer, Spotify, Google Playstore, Amazon, etc. // Image consulting // Worldwide marketing // Placing performances // Video production


We plan, organise and publish your projects. We are the right place when it comes to master recording, online marketing and CD production. All distributive tasks are executed and supervised by the publishing department of Battl Victory Records, so that you can continue to pursue your creativity without worrying


In our own shop we offer merch products of our artists and own brand. You can also buy vouchers for yourself or to give away, CD's & Vinyls and of course also downloads and much more.

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